Swami Phalgunananda

Swami Phalgunananda, a social and humanitarian activist and a spiritual leader is Caretaker and Administrator of Sree Narayana Mandiram, Veperi. He is a member of the Sree Narayana Trust. Hailing from Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district, Swami Phalgunananda is born to Mr.Chinmayan Mesthiri and Mrs.Yasodhara. He belongs to the Parolil family. He has been engaged in the preaching and propagation of Sree Narayana Guru’s philosophy especially of Love. He takes keen interest in making the people especially the youth understand closely the Guru and his principles. He co-operates with various associations. He was the first General Secretary of the Cochin City Corporation employees Union. Present

Address: Sree Narayana Mandiram,
Veperi, Chennai.

Permanent Address: Varkala Sivagiri Madom,
Phone: (O) 25321088
Mobile: 9444316178