K.S.Sethumadhavan is a veteran movie director. He started his career with the MGR picture ‘Marma Yogi. A well-known film director Mr. Sethumadhavan initiated a new wave of change in the sphere of Malayalam film during the 1960’s and 70’s. He received Certificate of Merit for ‘Odayil Ninnu’. Hailing from Palakkad, he was born to Mr. K.R. Subramanyam (late)(then Forest Officer) and Mrs Lakshmi Amma. He had his education from BEM High School, Palakkad, Govt, Victoria College, Palakkad and Presidency College, Madras.He is married to Mrs Valsala and the couple has three children, two sons : Sonee Kumar (working in the ad.films publicity and Santhosh – ( in corporate films) and daughter Uma married to Ramanan in Dubai. Mr Sethumadhavan is still active in the field of visual entertainment. He dominated the South Indian film scene for over four decades. He is a pioneer who inherited the noble cultural heritage of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He evolved a style and idiom blending the salient ingredients of popular cinema and the vision of new Europian Cinema. He has experimented with various types of subjects ranging from psychology, fantasy, family scenes metaphysics, conflict of generations, rebirth, feudal vagaries, family planning, manifold hues of women’s nature and destiny of man. His comprehensive filmography marks a distinct chapter in the annals of Indian cinema. Being in the regional language does not restrict his films from having universal reach. His films such as ‘Kannum Karalum’, Kadalpalam, ‘ Aranazhikaneram’, ‘Panitheeratha veedu’, ‘Sthree’(Telugu),’Marupakkam’ (Tamil), ‘Julie’ (Hindi), portray the eternal human predicament. His films that got the National Awards and honours include: Oadayil Ninnu – 1966 – Certificate of Merit, Adimakal – 1970 – Regional Best film, Karakana Kadal – 1971 – Regional Best film, Pani Theeratha Veedu – 1972 – Regional Best Film, Achanum Bappayum – 1972 – Best film on National Integration. The Tamil film ‘Marupakkam’ – 1991 – received the Swarna Kamal( The first Gold Medal for a Tamil film). Mr. Sethumadhavan received the Kerala State Awardsfor Best director of the year in 1970, 71, 72 and in 1981 respectively. A Science graduate from Madras university, Mr. Sethumadhavan has directed more than 60 feature films in different languages