Ravi . P.N

Mr. P.N. Ravi specialised in Foundation Engineering is Director of GEO Foundations and Structures Pvt. Ltd. His company has won the ‘Best Company Award 2007’ and ‘Best Industry Award 2007’ from the Government of Kerala. Hailing from Kizhakkambalam, Alwaye in Ernakulam district, he is married to Mrs. Nandana Ravi and the couple has a daughter Namrutha Ravi. He started GEO Foundations & Structures in 1997 as Partner and later expanded as Pvt. Ltd. Company. He was President – Lions Club International.
Address :
(R) No.3, 1st Floor, 9th Lane,
Sastri Nagar, Adayar, Chennai-20.
(O) 3 / 2, RAMS, No. 89,1st Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar, Adayar, Chennai – 20.
Phone :(O) 24451972 / 24430399.
(R) 24465297.
Mobile: 9840078355.