Nair. M.A.

Mr.M.A.Nair is a stage artist, director, poet and politician. He is recipient of ‘Kala Prathiba’ award from Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy. Hailing from Peruvallur near Guruvayur in Trichur district, he is married to Mrs Savithri Nair of Ponnani and has two children, Ramesh Kumar and Remadevi. He contributed poems to the childrens’ column of Mathrubhumi weekly and served as local reporter of Thozhilali Daily fromTrichur. Mr. Nair has acted in over 300 Malayalam,18 Tamil and 2 Teleugu dramas. He has directed over 25 dramas and participated in the programmes like ‘Kalarangam’ of AIR and ‘Kalavedi’ of Doordarshan. He played a lead role in Malayalam film ‘Maanasa’. He was associated with Congress leaders Bhakthavatsalam, G.K.Mooppanar and P.Chidambaram.


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