Nair . K.V.

Mr. K.V.Nair is a trade unionist, social worker and presently is a marketing consultant. He was founder General Secretary of CTMA. He is recipient of several awards from various socio-cultural organisations for selfless social work. Hailing from Thekke Nada, Vaikom in Kottayam district, he is married to Mrs. Komala V. Nair and the couple has three daughters – Anita Jayaprakash, Bindu Akash and Cinthu Kaladharan. Mr.K.V.Nair started his career as senior assistant in Bakelite Hylam Secunderabad in 1960 and later held responsible positions like Area Sales Manager and Logistics Manager at Hyderabad and continued till 1998. Later he joined Nisma Aircar Industrial Pvt. Ltd. as General Manager at Chennai and continued till 2002.
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