N.R.C Nair

Mr. N.R.C. Nair is Partner of Industrial Mastics & Allied Products, established in 1986. He came to Chennai in 1982 and initially worked with J.K. Engineering Company till he started his own venture. Hailing from Sasthamkotta, Kollam he has done his schooling from Kadambanadu High School and his graduation in commerce from D.B. College, Sasthamkotta. He is married to Mrs. Maya Nair and he has two children – Rupesh and Mrs. Sheetal.
26, A.K.R. Nagar, Sridevi Gardens,
Valsaravakkam, Chennai 600087.
A.P. 345, 36th Street, 7th Sector,
K.K. Nagar, Chennai 600078.
Phone: 24740506(o), 24863313®,


Category: Business