Dr.C.P. Muralidharan

Dr.C.P. Muralidharan is a general physician specialised in homeopathy & traditional medicine doing private practice.Hailing from Arikodu in Kannur District, he was born and brought up in Chennai. He is married to Mrs. Manjula and the couple has three sons – C.P.Prithus, C.P.Piyush and C.P.Gokul. He is Trustee – Selva Vinayakan and Member – Private Medical Practitioners Association,Trichy.
(R). No -16, 9th Street, Kamaraj Nagar,
Avadi, Chennai-71.
(O). ‘Kunyan Clinic’, Nehru Bazaar,
Avadi, Chennai.
Mobile: 9884495668.


Category: Medical