Babu Emmanuel

Mr. Babu Emmanuel is currently the proprietor of OKJ Jewellers. He also serves as an adviser to Jewellery Technology Institute in Taramani. He is from Ponkunnam, Kottayam. He is the recipient of CPL from Madras Flying Club. Mrs. Molly Babu is his wife. She also works with him in the running of the Jewellery. He has two children, Emmanuel and Nivya. Address:
(R) 34, 10th Avenue, Ashok Nagar,
Chennai -83.
(O) Original Kerala Jewellers, 81/74, Usman Road,
T-Nagar, Chennai -17.
Phone: (O) 2434002, 24345809.
(R) 24892705. Mob. 9884060633.


Category: Business