Mallika Sreenivasan

Mrs. Mallika Sreenivasan (BSc. LLB) is a practicing High Court advocate who specialises in income tax, sales tax, customs, company law and civil law. She hails from Karaparamba in Calicut. She had her education from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Calicut, Providence Calicut and LLB Law College, Calicut. Married to Mr V. M. Sreenivasan, she has two children, Shyam Sreenivasan and Vyas Sreenivasan.
3 A, Sivas Pazha Muthir Cholai, No 12,
Central School Road, Gill Nagar, Chennai 94.
Chamber 134, Addl Law Chambers,
High Court Building, Chennai 104.
Phone: 25340241(O), 23745137®,


Category: Advocate
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