Mr. Jayaprakash is an artist by profession. He is also the founder of Thapasiya School of Arts. He is also the recipient of Special Award from Lalithkala Academy. He hails from Panthakal, Mahe. Mrs. Preetha is his wife and the couple has a son, Pranav and a daughter, Prathiksha.

(O) Thapasiya School Of Arts, AE-113,
10th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40
(R) 601, 1st Cross street, Magappair,
Eri Scheme, Chennai-36.
Phone: (O) 044-26205371 (R) 044-26532960
Mob. 9444015977.
Email: moc.l1560990054oohcs1560990054ayisa1560990054pahT@1560990054ofni1560990054


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